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PES19 (PS1) Final Version 2019 Full Download

PES19 (PS1) Final Version 2019
Full Download
Ngày phát hành ban đầu: 03 Feb, 2019
Nhà phát triển:
Nhà xuất bản: 
Khung phần mềm:
Nền tảng: PlayStation 1, Emulation (PC)
Thể loại: Sports game
Ngôn ngữ: English

Infomations for this patch:
  • Includes 63 national teams and 32 for the Master League updated until the first week of February 2019 (With transfers from the winter market)
  • Uniforms updated and corrected (with correct numbering and without bugs)
  • Extra players from Japan participating in the Asian Cup 2019 and youth.
  • Original Adboards PES 2019
  • Telstar 18 ball of the World Cup Russia 2018
  • Narration in English
  • Correct nationality of the players in the Master League.
  • Flags of national 2D selections, scoreboard, and match presentation.
  • Original sountrack of PES 2019

Edition of the game screen (name bar of the players, clock, signs of: trow in, corner kick, etc). Made by Abdelhadi di Meziane.
Gameplay PES19 (PS1)
Final Version 2019
Requirements - Yêu cầu:
* Link Download ePSXe (Việt Hoá) - Phần Mềm Giả Lập PS1 Cho PC:
- Link Download 1:
Link Download 2:
Link Download 3:
Link Download 4:

* Link Download PES 2019 (PS1) Final Version:
All Download Link Max Speed and Highly Recommend
- Link Download 1:
Link Download 2:
Link Download 3:
Download Here
****CHÚ Ý****
Mật khẩu giải nén ( Default Extract Password): 
 [ infogatevn.com ]
Sử dụng IDM để tăng tốc độ tại file
Cài đặt Winrar mới nhất để giải nén file, tránh gặp lỗi khi sử dụng bản cũ.
Tắt ANTIVIRUS trước khi cài đặt game, phần mềm tránh bị xóa các file kích hoạt.

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