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[PES19] SMOKE Patch For PES 2019 V11.0.8 - How To Install

SMOKE Patch For PES 2019 
V11.0.8 - How To Install
Version:    11.0.8, 2019                                                           OS:                  Windows
Category:  PES19                                                                   License:          Freeware
Author:     Smoke                                                                    Multiplayer:    Yes
File size:  2,37Gb                                                                    Language:       English
Downloads:  50.057                                                               Platform:         PC

EXECO19 Update 11.0.8 For PES 2019 PC:
– Updated stats
– Updated stadiums
– Added more real faces
– Fully compatible new DLC
– Various enhancements

+ Updated database (stats-players):A
All players stats are updated following the latest official dlc and live updates, all the players from the latest live update are imported into smoke patch database 2019.
Check players stats update in smoke patch
+ Stadiums update:
Updated our stadium pack following the comments and reports from the fans, also corrected the stadium assignment for some teams. two stadiums are imported from the latest datapack, in addition, preparing a stadium server pack as addon for patch 2019, this is for users that want more stadiums in the game and do not mind downloading extra gigabytes. More info about this will be available when ready, big thanks for omina for working on this.
+ New stadiums:
– Celtic Park
– Ibrox Stadium
+ Faces addition and updates:
This version includes a huge face update, many faces are added, faces provided by the fans and all the faces that came with the latest datapack.
around 400 new faces are added, big thanks to the fans for sending missing faces.
+ Included datapack features:
May features are imported from dp4, including balls, new Thailand teams in thai league, new classic players imported and moved to classic teams, and others…
updated new balls and other features from the last DLC
– Update size:
This update is huge, expected compressed size is around 2.6 GB, usually when update get this big we opt for full version instead to avoid bad installation, and to save disk space on your desk, but this update will be available to update any version starting from (11.0.5)
+ Fixed stability for steam users: 
The new dlc and game version needed some restructure to be fully compatible, the compatibility fix we released for steam users made the patch compatible however not stable and might have crash at some point in the game, in this update its corrected and steam users have stable game, be sure to choose the correct option in the installer.
+ Other enhancements: 
A lot of enhancements and fixes are included, most of them are details like stat fix or graphics optimizations…
+ Still in progress:
south american teams are still under review, soon the market will settle down in that area and we will finish up the updates and add more south american teams soon.
Version 11.0.8 is update for the full patch 11.0.5 (or newer), be sure to install the full patch before this update.
* Note - Yêu Cầu:
+ Pes 2019 đã được cài đặt (Link PES2019 Full)
+ Patch Smoke PES2019 11.0.5 (hoặc các phiên bản mới hơn) đã được cài đặt (Link Down Execo Patch 11.0.5)
* Cách Cài Đặt SMOKE patch For PES 2019 V11.0.8 AIO:
1. Tải file SMOKE patch For PES 2019 V11.0.8.rar.
2. Tải xong, giải nén.
3. Chạy file "SetupExeco19v1108.exe" chỉ đường dẫn đến thư mục cài đặt PES19 trên máy tính của bạn.
4. Copy "EDIT00000000" vào theo đường dẫn: 
"#\documents\konami\pro evolution soccer 2019\(your steam ID)\save"
5. Run Game và thưởng thức.

* Hướng Dẫn Cài Đặt SMOKE patch For PES 2019 V11.0.8 
Link Download  SMOKE patch For PES 2019 V11.0.8 (2,37Gb - Max Speed):
- Part 1:
- Part 2:
Download Here
- Part 3:
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* Download bộ cài đặt PES19 FULL FREE – V1.02.00 + DATA PACK 2.00 + ALL COMMENTARIES (17Gb Only):
- Click Here
* Download Patch Smoke 11.0.5 PES19 FULL:
* Download File Việt Hóa PES19 FULL:
* Download File Bình Luận Tiếng Việt PES19 FULL:

****CHÚ Ý****
Mật khẩu giải nén ( Default Unrar Password): 
[ infogatevn.com ]
Sử dụng IDM để tăng tốc độ tại file
Cài đặt Winrar bản mới nhất để giải nén file, tránh gặp lỗi không mong muốn khi sử dụng bản cũ.
Tắt ANTIVIRUS trước khi cài đặt game, phần mềm TRÁNH bị xóa file kích hoạt.

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