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[Download] CHICKEN ASSASSIN - Hướng Dẫn Tải và Cài Đặt Thành Công 100%

Chicken Assassin là một game nhập vai hành động nhanh với một cốt truyện kỳ ​​quặc tràn ngập sự hài hước, với vô số kẻ thù đầy màu sắc và các cấp độ cũng như môi trường tuyệt đẹp.
Chicken Assassin is a fast paced action-RPG with an outrageous storyline filled with over-the-top humor that boasts a myriad of colorful enemies and visually stunning levels and environments.
Prepare to give your hand an intense workout as you battle a slew of eclectic adversaries and encounter special bosses in this frenetically action packed game!
You play as Mean Mcallister, the living embodiment of what would happen if you combined Rambo, Foghorn Leghorn, a bottle of hot sauce, and a case of energy drinks together.

When the evil mastermind Spritzel and the Henchmen abduct your girlfriend, Candy, you embark on a frantic journey to save her, leaving mayhem and destruction along your path.
As you progress, you can upgrade Mean with various fighting styles and skills, access an arsenal of weapons to dole out punishment, and customize clothing that boosts your stat attributes. Buck Buck, mothercluckers…

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: OS: Windows 7 Processor: 2.0 GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: GeForce 700 Series Storage: 600 MB available space
Link Download Chicken Assassin Reloaded: - Link Mshare (High Speed - Recommend): + Download Here - Link MEGA: + Download Here - Link FildeDwon: + Download Here

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