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Dragonball Xenoverse2: Mod Moveset Super Saiyan Rose For CaC

Hướng Dẫn Mod
Moveset Super Saiyan Rose For CaC 2018

If has password, it should be: lonelymanhg; Sorry for the inconvenience.

I. Yêu Cầu || Required:
- Tool Mod for DLC1.09
+ https://goo.gl/r8FGmy
- Dragonball Xenoverse2 Setup:

- Để tránh lỗi java khi tiến hành MOD, bạn nên download JAVA32bit:
II. Tải về || Download:
* File Mod Moveset Super Saiyan Rose For CaC 2018:
* File Mod Super Saiyan Omni King Transformation (1,2,3,4,5) For CaC 2018:
- http://bit.ly/2Ftybgt
Dragonball Xenoverse2: Mod Moveset Super Saiyan Rose For CaC 2018

III. Hướng dẫn || How to Install Mod:
* With Moveset File:
1. If your CaC already has a changed moveset, then you will need to change it back to the default for this to work!
2. (Male Saiyan only, skip for female CaCs) Either drag the "system" folder into your games data folder (on a clean game install only, otherwise any installed X2M characters will lose their sound! You have been warned), or make the required edit yourself (explained at the end).
3. Drag and drop the contents of the folder named Files (choose the correct one for you, but only copy one of them) into the games data folder.
4. Install the X2Ms.
* With File Mod Super Saiyan Omini King Transformation for CaC:
Install X2M by Xv2Ins (Tool Mod DLC1.09).

* Bonus (Maybe you need): - View more Dragonball Xenoverse2 Mod here: + https://goo.gl/6dL1Am - File Save (Full Character, Skill, Accessories, Quest, Stage, Zeni...): + https://goo.gl/XbnVK9 - Pack Mod 60 Added Characters/ thêm 60 nhân vật mới - Best of collection DLC1.08 compatible + https://goo.gl/TS2VTL - Pack Mod 70 Added Characters/ Thêm 70 nhân vật mới cực mạnh (Collection) DLC1.08 compatible + https://goo.gl/UcBR94 - Phần mềm giả lập tay cầm Xbox360ce_32|64bit cho bạn nào cần: + https://goo.gl/E1B9SS + http://bit.ly/2FRspD6

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